Features of the Double Strollers You need to Be Aware of

Features of the Double Strollers You need to Be Aware of

The double stroller is essential for twin births, or children at very close ages best formula for gassy babies. We must consider the comfort and especially the quality to ensure the safety of young children transported. But these strollers are often considered bulky and can act as a brake on the management of the installation of the stroller and for the preparation of the children at the same time. This is why today the double stroller models meet a specific demand and facilitate daily walks.

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And it is by thinking of comfort and safety that manufacturers make life easier for adults, in installation and storage.

You should know that the price of a double stroller is significant. From there, it is important to think in terms of profitability and to know exactly the use that the purchaser will make of it. It is therefore advisable to choose the model carefully by determining the priorities for use. Namely:

  • Daily or occasional use
  • Housing in an apartment or in a house
  • In urban or rural areas

All these questions will make it possible to define the model adapted to the situation while thinking of the practicality of the stroller according to the place of life and its use. It should be noted that for double strollers usable from birth, it will generally be necessary to count the price of the adjustable car seats in addition.

The double stroller: which model to choose?

Double strollers are available in two versions: the side-by-side double stroller and the so-called “in-line” model. Everyone will find the stroller that meets their needs: whether you are the parents of twins, close toddlers babyjourney, or even a nanny. The existing models allow many adaptation possibilities:

  • Model 0 to 3 years old
  • Model from 6 months to 3 years old
  • Mixed model: offering the front seat for children from 6 months to 3 years old and the rear seat for children from 6 months to 3 years old. 0 to 3 years

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In addition, it is important to take into account the living environment to consider the storage of equipment: whether it is folded or not. While knowing, that today the folding systems are very powerful and allow to reduce considerably the material.

To be able to walk baby during the first months of his life in the car and in a stroller, he must have the most comfortable position possible. And for baby, absolute comfort is in the lying position. Here is why if you want a duo that can be used from birth, you will have to choose a duo with carrycot.

Indeed, the hammock stroller can only be used from 6 months, when baby is standing upright. Before 6 months, you therefore need a carrycot which will be attached to the stroller frame and which will serve as a car seat.


Good to know: After your baby is four months old, you will need to invest in a group 0 + / 1 car seat.